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Wherever your plans take you, a USCG captained boat is there waiting to turn your time on the water into memories that will last a lifetime. Just as every destination is unique, so are our captains. Each one is an expert in their locale and can offer you the wisdom of their years of experience. Whatever type of boating excursion in Charleston, South Carolina you want to do, Captains Source is ready to help you.

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Harbor Boat Tours

Anyone who is interested in learning the deep history that molded the United States would not want to miss a historic excursion around the Charleston waterways.

charleston sc historical harbor cruise

Charleston has played a major role in almost all of the early struggles of the United States from the first settlements, to the Revolution, Slavery, Civil War, Reconstruction and to modern day. The merchants and planters of the South became some of the wealthiest men in the colonies from products that were shipped through the Harbor. You can hear the stories of the pirates, patriots, blockade-runners; tall ships and lost souls surround you. The exploits of Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet, the first victory in the fight for independence, the first shots of the Civil War, the plight of the first Confederate submarine, the charge of the Massachusetts 54th, runaway slaves, and lost treasure, are just a few the historic events that took place here.

There is no shortage of things to learn that will help feed your seeking a better understanding their world. We will make sure to put you with a captain that can bring it all to life for you.

Corporate Packages

In order to increase efficiency and productivity, organizations invest in one of their most valuable assets - their people. Getting teams into a relaxed atmosphere where they can communicate and build rapport often translates into better morale, loyalty, and achievement.

Whether it is a relaxing trip on a motor yacht, a sunset sail, competitive fishing event, or a team building island adventure, many organizations find boating excursions to be an ideal atmosphere in which to achieve their goals. Co-workers build friendships that last a lifetime and organizations benefit in terms of enhanced cohesiveness, improved esprit de corps and increased efficiency, which translates into an increase in the bottom line.

There are a lot of boating options to choose from in the Charleston area. It is difficult to know what your getting from a website or ads. Finding a company with experience and available resources to pull off corporate excursions may require some research. Companies like Captains Source were created to make it easy for business owners to get a professional captain and the right boat that suits their needs. We provide a service that would help clients sort through the array of options and book a quality experience. By putting captains through a training course and personally inspecting their boats Captains Source is able to maintain a database of excellent service providers who understand corporate team building.

Whatever your organizations intentions are, there is nothing like getting people together on the water!

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